Project BATTERFLAI - is about sustainable recovery of battery minerals

The project sets the basis for a possible future commercialization of a new sustainable flotation concept for the recovery of battery minerals using lignin nanoparticles as flotation collectors.

Objectives for project BatterFlai
Contribute to the transition to a fossil-free society by developing technologies that will help to cover the demand for advanced metals.
Enable production of electric vehicles, inspire more investments in increased transfer capacity of the electric grid and increased production of renewable energy (wind, solar, etc.).
Demonstrate a sustainable flotation process for the efficient production of the non-ferrous metal concentrates needed for the manufacturing of Li-ion batteries
Lowering environmental impact and generate additional income for the mining industry by merging activities with the forest industry.

First year – 2020
The first year will focus on the new flotation collector production and prepare for the flotation tests later in the year. The first year will also set the grounds for efficient project management, communication and selected training activities for students and researchers. It will also start with strategies for the Go-To-market plan with interviews of the consortium and potential markets.

Subsequent years – 2021 to 2023
Development and establishment of the new selective flotation process towards pilot tests in relevant industrial environments. Several activities for education will be launched, for example workshops, short term mobility and hands on training in industry. Finalise the Go-To-Market strategy. Complete the Life Cycle Analysis. During the period continuous activities for communication and dissemination will be done.