Kick off for project BatterFlai in Luleå, Sweden

09 March 2020

The BatterFlai project sets the basis for future commercialisation of a new sustainable flotation concept. A positive outcome of the project will provide a concept with the potential to strengthen international competitiveness in the sector. BatterFlai is focused on verifying a sustainable and efficient process for the recovery of battery minerals using lignin nanoparticles as flotation collectors.

The 4 year project is coordinated by a team at Luleå university of techology, kicked off in early February 2020 in Luleå, Sweden (ending in December 2023).

The BatterFlai project has a strong scientific base in the project research partners;
Luleå University of Technology, RISE Research Institute of Sweden and National Technical University of Athens and is organized along the value chain through Boliden AB, KGHM Cuprum, KGHM Polska Miedz S.A., Hellas Gold, Colloidtek, IMN and LTU Business to support the scaling up of an efficient and selective green flotation concept, contributing towards an expanding circular economy and new business opportunities within and outside Europe.

• Contribute to the transition to a fossil-free society by developing technologies that will help to cover the demand for advanced metals.
• Enable production of electric vehicles, inspire more investments in increased transfer capacity of the electric grid and increased production of renewable energy (wind, solar, etc.).
• Demonstrate a sustainable flotation process for the efficient production of the non-ferrous metal concentrates needed for the manufacturing of Li-ion batteries.
• Lowering environmental impact and generate additional income for the mining industry by merging activities with the forest industry.

Professor Paul Christakopoulos
Project manager
+46 72 576 73 79
[email protected]

Professor Ulrika Rova
Deputy project manager
+46 70 240 13 15
[email protected]

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