Joint training session for improved cooperation

23 January 2023

In late November, three researchers from the Batterflai project participated in a joint hands-on training provided by RISE on analyzing samples using X-Ray Powder Diffraction analysis (XRPD) and Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS) processes, that are used in the project. Katerina Hruzova (LTU), July Ann Bazar (LTU), and Nikolaos Kountouris (NTUA) participated from the Batterflai Project.

 ­– Despite having experience with the equipment and sample preparation, I used to have a hard time identifying the minerals in the sample. During the training in RISE, Ingvar Imén showed us how to identify samples of Swedish ore. He told us which minerals are expected and how to verify them. Now we can actually analyse our samples ourselves, says Katerina Hruzova, PhD student in Biochemical Process Engineering at LTU.

Batterflai is a multi-disciplinary project where LTU is responsible for production, characterization, testing, and distribution of the lignin reagent, and NTUA, Hellas Gold, KHGM Cuprum, KGHM, IMN, and Boliden have expertise in mineral processing. As the project draws closer to the scaled-up pilot-testing, it becomes increasingly important for the different participators so understand each other’s perspective. This is one of the reasons why the training included participants from both LTU and NTUA.

– Our project consists of people from many different scientific fields, and it can be hard to find a common language sometimes. To improve on this, we are learning the basics of the other fields and we study new things together, says Katerina Hruzova.

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