Remote collaboration for real-time measurements

14 February 2022

ColloidTek and Luleå university of technology started remote collaboration in March to measure real-time information of the flotation process for the Batterflai project.

Collo® is a new type of real-time process analyser designed and manufactured by ColloidTek. Collo provides broad capabilities for measuring various features of liquids in real-time such as undergoing chemical reaction or concentration of specific components in a solution.

In the Batterflai project, Collo analyser’s capability is tested for the purpose of a real-time control of the flotation process and to observe interactions of different components in the process. The industrial process does not currently have any real-time measurement tools; therefore, the control of the process is affected by the delays on the existing methods of analysis. PhD student Katerina Hruzova from Luleå university of technology performed the flotation tests with the sensor and then analysed the data together with Aaretti Kaleva from ColloidTek.

To have a deeper understanding of the process and the capabilities of the Collo analyser, the ColloidTek’s sensor has been integrated to the lab-scale flotation cell that is used to study the flotation process, specifically in connection with newly developed flotation reagent that is based on lignin.

– The purpose of the measurements is to try to find optimization potential for the flotation process as well as fundamental research data on the performance of the lignin reagent, says Katerina Hruzova, PhD student at Luleå university of technology.

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